2020 Holistic Health Fair Vendor FAQ

How do I register for the fair? Online registration is now available. Please click here. 

Can I mail or email you my vendor registration form and payment?No, all registration is now through our online form. Please sign up for our newsletter and/or follow us on Facebook at NC Marquette to be notified as soon as it’s available.

Can non-profit organizations register as vendors? Yes.

How is the event being advertised? It is advertised on our website, in local print publications, and on radio stations, as well as on Facebook, and by word of mouth.

How many attendees will there be? We expect a large turnout of 500 – 600 or more attendees.

Will there be other vendors offering the same brand of products or type of services? Perhaps. We encourage anyone in the natural, holistic field to participate.

I was a vendor at your fair in the past, but I do not provide natural, holistic products or services. Can I still be a vendor? No, our policy has since been revised.

Can I set up my vendor space the night before the fair? No, set-up time is on the day of the fair, from 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. only.

Do I have to be at the 9:30 a.m. informational meeting? Yes, you or a representative from your booth must attend. We will keep it brief!

Where is Northern Center? Northern Center is in building #6, in the south/lower rectangle, in NMU’s campus map. Attendees will enter through the main entrance to the building, on the right/east side and come up the stairs or elevator.

Where should I unload my supplies? There is a loading dock on the back/west side of the southern part of the building, where you’ll find carts you can use to help you bring in your supplies. (Click here for NMU campus map.) From the loading dock, you can go straight into the ballroom.

Alternatively, if the area’s too busy, you can go to the entrance along the south end of the building. (Click here for NMU campus map.) Carts will be available at this entrance also, from which you can go down the hall to the ballroom.

Where do I park after I’ve unloaded? Free parking is available in nearby parking lots. Click here for NMU campus map.

Will WIFI be available? Yes, however we cannot guarantee its functionality given the number of vendors who may attempt to access this simultaneously. The WIFI password will be emailed to all registered vendors by 5 days before the fair and shared again at our brief mandatory 9:30 a.m. Vendor Meeting on the day of the fair.

Will electricity be provided? If you have marked this box on your registration form and paid the additional fee for this, yes. Just be sure to bring an extension cord of at least 20 feet. You may wish to bring a surge protector too.

What size will my table be? In your online registration form, you may let us know if you’d like us to provide an 8′  long table, or prefer to bring your own table, or use none.

What size will my vendor space be? Vendor spaces will be approximately 6′ to 8′ deep and 10′ wide.

Can I split my vendor space and registration with another vendor? Yes, you  may. However, you will not be allotted additional space or a particular location in order to do so. The additional vendor must also offer a natural and/or holistic product or service. Please be sure to include their information on your registration form.

Will there be a Practitioner Section at the new venue? We are happy to announce that the Grand Ballroom at NMU’s Northern Center will be able to accommodate both holistic practitioners and vendors in one central location with improved acoustics where attendees can easily locate you! Your description of what you’ll be offering at your vendor space in your online registration form will help us do our best to situate you in an appropriate spot.

Will there be linens for my table? You may choose to purchase this option from NMU as part of your registration process for a small additional fee. You will have a choice of black or white linen. Or you may choose to bring your own table covering.

Do I give you my door prize? Yes, please hand it to the volunteer at Natural Connections’ vendor space with your business name included by 9:30 a.m.on the day of the fair. You’ll find Natural Connections’ booth just inside the entrance to Northern Center’s Grand Ballroom, on your left-hand side.

What do I do if the winner does not retrieve the door prize I donated during the fair? We’ll give you the contact information provided on his/her ticket along with your door prize so you can make contact later.

Can I have giveaways at my table? Yes, we encourage it, however, food and beverages may not be given away (or sold) at the fair due to NMU’s policies.

Can I diffuse or burn scented items? No, due to possible sensitivities of attendees, and the potential for competing aromas.

Can I buy lunch at the fair? Yes. You may pre-purchase lunch as part of your online registration process, and it will be delivered to your vendor space at the fair. You will have several lunch and beverage options, including vegan and gluten-free, prepared by Simply Superior, NMU’s catering service. Another option is to purchase food and beverages during the fair day from the New Wildcat Den located downstairs, however, no delivery will be provided.

*Food from other establishments may not be delivered. Only food supplied through NMU may be consumed in the Grand Ballroom.

 Will there still be snacks for vendors at the new venue? Yes, 2 bananas and 2 muffins per vendor space will await you at your vendor space! (Gluten-free for those requiring this as noted their registration form.)