2019 Holistic Health Fair Vendor FAQ

How do I register for the fair? Please click here for our downloadable registration info and application materials.

Can I email you my vendor registration form? No, we require the hard copy with payment be mailed to PO Box 754, Marquette, MI 49855, as listed on the vendor registration form.

How is the event being advertised? It is advertised on our website, in local print publications, and on local radio stations, as well as on Facebook, and by word of mouth.

How many attendees will there be? We expect a large turnout of over 600 attendees.

Will there be other vendors offering the same brand of products or type of services? Perhaps. We encourage anyone in the natural, holistic field to participate.

I was a vendor at your fair in the past, but I do not provide natural, holistic products or services. Can I still be a vendor? No, our policy has since been revised.

Can I set up my vendor space the night before the fair? No, set-up time is on the day of the fair, from 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. only.

Do I have to be at the 9:30 a.m. informational meeting? Yes, you or a representative from your booth must attend.

Where do I park after I’ve unloaded? Free parking is available in the parking ramp on the north/back side of the Masonic building and surrounding streets, as well as in the lot one block further north on Bluff St., with a covered stairway down to the parking below. Please park in the Bluff St. lot if possible to make room for attendee parking in the ramp and surrounding streets.

Please note City of Marquette parking fees are not in effect on the weekend.

Will WIFI be available? Yes, however we cannot guarantee its functionality given the number of vendors who may attempt to access this simultaneously. The WIFI password will be emailed to all registered vendors by 5 days before the fair and shared again at our brief mandatory 9:30 a.m. Vendor Meeting on the day of the fair.

Will electricity be provided? If you have marked this box on your registration form and paid the additional fee for this, yes. Just be sure to bring an extension cord of at least 20 feet. You may wish to bring a surge protector too.

What size will my table be? Tables in the Main Area/Masonic Ballroom are 6 – 8 ft. long. Those in the Practitioner Section are card tables. If you prefer to use a different size, you’re welcome to bring your own table; just please let us know in advance on your registration form or by email (naturalconnectionmqt@gmail.com). Your exact table size cannot be guaranteed. If you prefer not to use any table, please let us know this in advance as well.

What size will my vendor space be? Vendor spaces in the main vendor area will be 6′ deep and between 9′ and 10′ wide, and vendor space sizes in the Practitioner Section are to be determined, as both are dependent upon space and layout needs.

Can I split my vendor space and registration with another vendor? Yes, you  may. However, you will not be allotted additional space or a particular location in order to do so. The additional vendor must also offer a natural and/or holistic product or service. Please be sure to include their information on your registration form.

How do I reserve a spot in the Practitioner Section? There is a place to request this on your vendor registration form. A limited number of vendor spaces are available in the Practitioner Section on a first-come basis, reserved with receipt of your completed registration materials.

How will I know if my request to be in the Practitioner Section will be met? If we are unable to fulfill your request, we will email you in advance to let you know, and provide you a relatively quiet spot within the Main Area/Masonic Ballroom.

Will there be linens for my table? Yes, spring-colored linens will already be on all tables.

Do I give you my door prize? Yes, please hand it to the volunteer in the Masonic’s Green Room with your business name by 9:30 a.m.on the day of the fair.

What do I do if the winner does not come to get their door prize from me during the fair? We’ll give you the contact information provided on his/her ticket along with your door prize so you can make contact later.

Can I have give-aways at my table? Yes, we encourage it.

Can I diffuse or burn scented items? No, due to possible sensitivities of attendees and the potential for competing aromas.

Can I buy lunch at the fair? Yes, a representative from Border Grill will take your order. You may also make other arrangements for your lunch on your own.

How do I purchase a 20th Annual Holistic Health Fair T-shirt, Jersey, Sweatshirt or Hoodie?  You can pre-order one or more items for pick-up at the fair by clicking here to order online, or for t-shirt pre-orders only by filling out the required info in your vendor registration materials and including payment by check. Proceeds will help raise funds for connecting the U.P. community with local holistic health and wellness options.