20th Annual Spring Holistic Health Fair
Saturday, March 23, 2019
10 AM – 4 PM
Masonic Center
3rd Floor 
128 W Washington St
Downtown Marquette

✦FREE Admission✦

✧ Presentations ✧ Products ✧ Services ✧
Door Prizes! Commemorative T-Shirts! Sample Sessions!

Explore a wide range of holistic, complementary and alternative health care services and products available right here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

We invite you to come gather information, experience techniques, sample natural food and body care products, and ask lots of questions!

Many caring, high-quality, holistic health care professionals will be on hand. They will be able to guide you through gentle, natural, non-invasive health-related services and products for optimal health. Enjoy demonstrations, experiential activities, and informational booths throughout the day!

Past Fairs have included: ☆ Massage ☯ Chiropractic ☆ Naturopathic Medicine ★ Nutrition ☆ Natural Animal Health ☯ Energetic Healing ☆ Astrology ★ Visionary Art  ☆ Reflexology ☯  Natural Health Consulting ☆ Essential Oils ★ Life Coaching ☆ Dowsing  ☯ Biofeedback ★ Allergy Release ☆ Trauma Release ☯ Guided Imagery ☆ Organic Food Products ★ Herbal Tinctures ☆ Spa Information ☯ Nutritional Supplements ☆ Natural Body Care Products ★and much more! 

✧ Presentations ✧ Demonstrations
✧ Products ✧ Services

Door Prizes! Free Demos! Sample Sessions!

*Please note City of Marquette parking fees are not in effect on the weekend.