If you have registered for a vendor space, are interested in sharing a presentation at the 2020 Spring Holistic Health Fair, and did not present at last year’s fair, please put “Fair Presenter Request” in the subject line of your email to naturalconnectionmqt@gmail.com and provide the following information by 8/30/20:

  1. Your full name, your business name, and a brief description of your business
  2. Your phone number, and if applicable, your website address
  3. The topic of the presentation you’d like to share, including title
  4. A brief overview of the skills, training and/or experience you have related to your presentation topic

Please note that self-promotion is not permissible in our presentation schedule. Your presentation is meant to responsibly educate the public on your field, not promote your specific business, product, or product line.

Presentations may go up to 45 minutes, unless a somewhat shorter length of time is specified by either the presenter in his or her request, or by Natural Connections by 9/12/20.

As a limited amount of presentation spots are available, we are unable to accept all presentation requests. You’ll be notified by 9/5/20 if your presentation has been accepted for the 2020 schedule, and the length of time for your presentation will be confirmed.