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Kathleen A. Ventre
As a Health and Wellness Therapist, I work with clients to enhance and support their health using Bemer Technology. Bemer is an FDA Registered Medical Device designed to improve circulation there by supporting the body’s self-regulating processes. BEMER’s patented signal optimizes our smallest blood vessels (capillaries), enabling the re-normalization of blood flow. As a result, the body’s cells are better supplied with oxygen and nutrients and therefore able to perform their various functions much more effectively.
Ami Wellness – Danielle Taseris, affiliate
Wellness Through
Ami unites the power of plant-based
ingredients to help you achieve better
balance, more joy.
Amora Wellness & Gifts
Jill Koskiniemi
Natural health & gift store
Coldwater Haven, LLC
Coldwater Haven, LLC Ayurvedic Health and Yoga Therapy
Ayurvedic Health and Yoga Therapy
Empowering Lightworks
Roslyn Elena McGrath
Energy, insights and inspiration to help you deeply relax, balance, heal, and expand, turn challenges into improvements, and live your purpose! Body-Mind-Soul Readings, Energy Healing, Workshops, Books, Art & Meditations.
Full Moon Rising
Full Moon Rising is a wellness studio offering therapeutic massage, bodywork, meditation and yoga instrctution, Tai Chi, and Maternal Health Services.
Interactive Metronome - Rhythm and Timing - Be Your Best Possible Self!
Debra Flannery
At LifeFIt BrainFit we work on “Mind & Body Wellness” integrating the researched based Interactive Metronome. From a parent searching for a drug free alternative to help address their child’s struggle with Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder to a Parkinson’s patient with limited mobility, our services help you live a happier, healthier life.
We all want that for ourselves and our loved ones. At Lifefit Brainfit we focus on nurturing your brain and body so you can be the best possible you, regardless of your age or abilities.

MONAT Global
Theresa Viitala
We are an anti-aging, natural-based, gluten-free, leaping bunny approved hair care company.
Dr. Jeff Nyquist
Science-based health and wellness services! We do the hard work of researching and only providing valid services that work!
Kristine McPeak
Sharing De-Stress Tools with you, for every day use! Turn off your stress switch and leave flight, flight, freeze behind you as you learn how to REST, DIGEST and HEAL in healthy ways <3
Reliv International
Beth Mull
Non GMO nutritional supplements