Energy Work

Crystal Haven Body, mind & Spirit
Penny Seidl
Reiki Master and Crystal Healing Practioner.
Empowering Lightworks
Roslyn Elena McGrath
Energy, insights and inspiration to help you deeply relax, balance, heal, and expand, turn challenges into improvements, and live your purpose! Body-Mind-Soul Readings, Energy Healing, Workshops, Books, Art & Meditations.
Expanding Hearts
Patty Markham Peterson
Personal Consultations and workshops utilizing a variety of modalities including Quantum healing and transformational living.
Melissa Luttrell Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive Medium
Melissa Luttrell
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation. As a medium, I can connect with those who have passed on, your or others’ higher self, and the Universe/your guides.
Kristine McPeak
Sharing De-Stress Tools with you, for every day use! Turn off your stress switch and leave flight, flight, freeze behind you as you learn how to REST, DIGEST and HEAL in healthy ways <3
TLC Energy Medicine & Massage
Eden Energy Medicine and Massage Therapy practice. I am a Clinical Practitioner of EEM, have over 20 yrs experience as a massage therapist and have been studying the body’s energies for just as long.