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Kathleen A. Ventre
As a Health and Wellness Therapist, I work with clients to enhance and support their health using Bemer Technology. Bemer is an FDA Registered Medical Device designed to improve circulation there by supporting the body's self-regulating processes. BEMER's patented signal optimizes our smallest blood vessels (capillaries), enabling the re-normalization of blood flow. As a result, the body's cells are better supplied with oxygen and nutrients and therefore able to perform their various functions much more effectively.
Ami Wellness – Danielle Taseris, affiliate
Wellness Through
Ami unites the power of plant-based
ingredients to help you achieve better
balance, more joy.
Amora Wellness & Gifts
Jill Koskiniemi
Natural health & gift store
Calm Waters Restorative Massotherapy
Shannon Smith
Relaxing massage available for when you need 'YOU' time. Don't deny yourself~Why carry stress, if you don't have to?
906 231 5685 (text)
Carolyn Provencher
Carolyn Provencher
Carolyn Provencher Acupuncture specializes in treating emotional health and chronic illness.
Cedar Naturals
Distiller of local (UP) essential oils.
Coldwater Haven, LLC
Coldwater Haven, LLC Ayurvedic Health and Yoga Therapy
Ayurvedic Health and Yoga Therapy
Crystal Haven Body, mind & Spirit
Penny Seidl
Reiki Master and Crystal Healing Practioner.
doTERRA Wellness Advocate
Mickey Wood
Empowering Lightworks
Roslyn Elena McGrath
Energy, insights and inspiration to help you deeply relax, balance, heal, and expand, turn challenges into improvements, and live your purpose! Body-Mind-Soul Readings, Energy Healing, Workshops, Books, Art & Meditations.
Essential Kneads, LLC
Kim Kee
Essential Kneads has been a Marquette, Michigan Massage Therapy business for over 20 years, we specialize in CranioSacral Therapy working with adults, teens, infants and elders. Experienced and Professional we honor the mental, physical, emotional and Spiritual bodies of our Clients during our sessions.
Expanding Hearts
Patty Markham Peterson
Personal Consultations and workshops utilizing a variety of modalities including Quantum healing and transformational living.
Fascia Freedom
Connie Krook
John Barnes PT Myofascial Release approach
Full Moon Rising
Full Moon Rising is a wellness studio offering therapeutic massage, bodywork, meditation and yoga instrctution, Tai Chi, and Maternal Health Services.
Great Lakes Holistic Training Center
Karen Stashek
906 4208375
Jacob @ Klumpp Family Chiropractic
Jacob Studinger
906 228-9800
Jeffries Chiropractic Alternative Healing Centre P.C.
Frank Jeffries
Dr. Jeffries takes a purely holistic approach to health. He has focused on the spine and proper posture for 21 years in clinical practice.
906 2267525
L’BRI PURE n’ Natural Skin Care & Cosmetics
At L’BRI PURE n' NATURAL, our goal is to provide quality, aloe-based skin care, beauty care, and nutritional products at affordable prices, while sharing the joy of positive, healthy living.

We are committed to advancing products and opportunities that develop a lifetime of self-confidence while enhancing personal appearance and self-esteem within a supportive and nurturing environment.

We’re very passionate that products perform and do what they promise.

Read the label first.

We believe that an educated customer will purchase the best products for themselves and their family. When considering a skin care product, we want people to read the label before admiring the attractive bottle and enjoying the scent. Does the product contain water, mineral oil, artificial coloring, synthetic fragrances, and other potentially harmful ingredients? Or do the ingredients promote skin health?

The first item listed on a label is the product’s primary ingredient. Many products list water as the primary ingredient. Water is okay, but aloe vera is better for your skin than water. For this reason, our customers are excited to use skin care products that list aloe vera rather than water as the primary ingredient and are intensely loyal to our brand.
Interactive Metronome - Rhythm and Timing - Be Your Best Possible Self!
Debra Flannery
At LifeFIt BrainFit we work on "Mind & Body Wellness" integrating the researched based Interactive Metronome. From a parent searching for a drug free alternative to help address their child’s struggle with Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder to a Parkinson's patient with limited mobility, our services help you live a happier, healthier life.
We all want that for ourselves and our loved ones. At Lifefit Brainfit we focus on nurturing your brain and body so you can be the best possible you, regardless of your age or abilities.

Marquette Chiropractors Office
Dr. Dan Dunbar
For more information or to schedule an appointment with Dan Dunbar, call 906-228-3324 today!

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