Empowering Lightworks

Empowering Lightworks
Empowering Lightworks
Roslyn Elena McGrath
Energy, insights and inspiration to help you deeply relax, balance, heal, and expand, turn challenges into improvements, and live your purpose! Body-Mind-Soul Readings, Energy Healing, Workshops, Books, Art & Meditations.

Energy, Insights & Inspiration to Shine Your Light through Body, Mind & Soul Readings, Energy Field Healing, Personal Growth & Inspiration Books, Visionary Art, Meditation CDs, and Workshops from Roslyn Elena McGrath, helping you to:

• Deeply Relax
• Accelerate Your Healing & Expansion
• Turn Challenges Into Improvements
• Feel Like Yourself Again
• Live Your Purpose

We (as in the world) need YOU – your true, whole, empowered self, shining YOUR Light, for Earth to become the place it’s meant to be!

Author, Intuitive, Artist & Healer Roslyn Elena McGrath brings over 20 years of practitioner experience and her gentle, loving, clear and practical presence to support you in your unique evolutionary process, providing an individually customized approach to help you gain more clarity, confidence, compassion, joy, and self-empowerment in your journey.

Marquette, MI
Body-Mind-Soul Readings: (Available in person or by phone or video conference call)

Akashic (Soul Records) Reading – Akashic facilitators and energies channeled to offer you a tangible sense of your sacred journey over lifetimes, along with empowering overviews and information from these experiences.

Spiritual Team Reading – Your guides, angels and other related Light Beings are channeled to offer their perspectives and advice.

You may also make a special request for a specific being, energy or group, or simply choose to leave your reading open to whatever combination of energies will be most helpful for you overall at the time.

Chakra Reading – Discover what your chakras/energy centers want you to know for your well-being and self-growth. May be combined with chakra balancing through energy field healing.

Third Mary Guidance Session – The mother of Mary Magdalene, an insightful and powerful spiritual adept in her own right, offers you her ompassionate clarity and wisdom on your current life situation through this channeled reading.

“Roslyn’s healing and reading brought me to the core of my being and realigned my with my deepest inner truths. Even years later, her reading continues to inspire me.” – Author & Healer Leslee Morrison

“Roslyn is so genuine, grounded, positive, peaceful, pleasant. The energies she channels are just beaming with love, and their message is always so positive and informative. Believe me, I have heard many so-called new aged gurus and most of the time they turn me off, they just don’t appear genuine. I am very picky about who I trust, I trust Roslyn.” – T.J. Ryan, host of www.outthere.podbean.com.

“Roslyn glistens! Her energy and the energy that comes through her during her channeling is so compassionate and loving, it always lifts me to a higher space, helps me see possibilities where I saw none. After my Mom died, my reading with Roslyn was pivotal in helping me to begin to move through some of my overwhelming grief. I was so excited, that I gave my Dad and sister gift readings. They experienced the same sense of being held and understood by a loving Universe. I feel a profound gratitude and joy for the gift of this experience in my life, and I look forward to more. Thank you, Roslyn!” – Creativity Coach & Freelance Writer Jan Henriksen

“I love working with Roslyn. Her workshops and channeling sessions leave me feeling connected to Spirit, centered, and more whole. Whatever comes through is always best for whomever is in the room, and with her help I’ve been able to know and appreciate myself and my abilities to a much greater extent. I’ve also learned that Spirit has a sense of humor!” – News Director Nicole Walton
Breakthrough Sessions (Available in person or by phone or video conference call)

Are you ready to move through apparent obstacles that have seemed to hold you back, to shine your light more brightly?

Are you willing to bring forth your Highest Self for a more radiant life?

Are you about to embark on or complete a major life change?

Breakthrough Sessions bring through profound support to help you emerge into your next phase of expansion.

Modalities may include Intuitive Counseling, Channeling, Higher Self or other Body, Mind & Soul Readings, Emotionology, Energy Transmissions, Chakra Opening or other forms of Energy Field Healing, Soul Pattern Activation, and/or more as guided.

“Roslyn is the person I always turn to when I want some personal spiritual guidance. She continues to add exciting new sessions and tools to help with heart opening and spiritual growth. I trust her implicitly!” – Workshop Facilitator Lucy LaFaive

“Whether we connect in person or by phone, Roslyn’s abilities as an intuitive counselor have facilitated significant growth and change in my life. It is a joy to work with her!” – Astrologist and Healer Jen Howell

“Something really big and major shifted. . .I just feel so much lighter and joyful! Thank you for sharing your gift.” – Diane R.
Energy Work (Available in person or by phone or video conference call)

Discover how deeply relaxed, in tune, more like yourself, and good you can feel! Energy field healing can accelerate your natural healing process on all levels, helping you to heal old traumas, shift old “stuck” energy patterns, and grow into a more expansive you. Roslyn is certified in LaHo-Chi, Angel Light, Access Consciousness, Light Activation Bodywork, Soul Body Fusion, Healing Touch, and Reiki. She has also been gifted with the ability to bring through healing energies from the Archangels and other high vibrational beings, and to help you more fully integrate your soul’s original nature for multi-level balancing, healing, and growth.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE AWESOME HEALING! I slept so well last night. No tossing my hips all night to relieve the pain & discomfort . . . Now I am even braver to get rid of stuff I was hanging onto.” – Carol W.

“You gotta try Angel Light Healing! It took me to a place where I was in no pain, after being in pain every moment of the day for thirteen years, no matter how much medication I took. Angel Light made me feel so good, better than I’d felt before. I didn’t have a care in the world. I was at peace and my body was too. Even a year later, I can feel its presence. This is one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had. It’s given me a whole new outlook on life.” – Stephen O’Dell, Jr.

“Both the Light Activation Bodywork and Soul Body Fusion® have opened new windows for my soul to see through and widened doors for my greatest desires to become realized. Thank you for allowing divine balance and love to flow freely through you, for you facilitated the process that allowed the healing, clarity, and creativity within my self to be felt from a new perspective!” – Kait C.
Workshops and trainings in various forms of energy field healing, intuitive counseling, authentic art-making, and additional body-mind-soul modalities.

“The LaHo-Chi training changed my life! Roslyn held a wonderful space of love and exploration for us. If you feel drawn to experience LaHo Chi, follow your soul’s calling!” – Spiritual Vocalist & Musician Kait Chenoweth

“Profoundly beautiful, amazing and so healing. Empowering. Incredible. Thank you. I am enlightened, peace-filled and inspired.” –Chakras Alive! Workshop Attendee J. Wolf

“I was skeptical at first. The LaHo-Chi training made me realize it was more powerful than what I’d ever dreamed. It’s amazing! Used in the proper way, LaHo-Chi can bring miracles to yourself and to others, because it’s a pure giving. It’s very comforting knowing I have this at my fingertips. LaHo-Chi is tremendously helpful, not only as a form of prayer, but also as a form of self-empowerment. If you bring it into your daily life, things change for the better. LaHo-Chi is a great way of healing yourself and a great way of helping others to heal.” – Retired Truck Driver Stephen O’Dell, Jr.
Meditations and visual art specially designed to support your unique needs, goals, and life purpose.

“Roslyn’s Soul Gift Sketches are magical. The one she created for me instilled a greater understanding of myself and my creative spirit. With the information came the courage to follow my unique creative path. It hangs on my studio wall as a constant reminder.” – Kristen B., Film Score Composer

“THANK YOU, Roslyn! So much of my personal spiritual journey in the past few years as been about me Remembering Who I AM. When I look around my home today, I see symbols all around me and yet none has the energy and personal connection of the Powerful Life Purpose Drawing you did for me. I treasure it!” – Lucy LaFaive, Joyful Living Facilitator

“It is easy to look into a mirror, but how often do you get a chance to look into your soul? So far, I have requested two portraits. These masterpieces are my reminders of who I am and what I am striving for. In them I can see where I was and how far I have come. The beauty resonating within the frame reminds me of what I am capable of doing. Each is a snapshot of the me that people can only glimpse – unless they truly look at me, or my walls.” – Angela DuFay

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