Kristine McPeak
Sharing De-Stress Tools with you, for every day use! Turn off your stress switch and leave flight, flight, freeze behind you as you learn how to REST, DIGEST and HEAL in healthy ways <3

You might even have fun as you learn to use a variety of tools, and remove blocks that allow your own energy system to heal.

Healing Touch is an accredited program recognized by the American Holistic Nurses Association, offering CEUs to nurses.

Trained over 15 years ago as a certified Laughter Leader.

Reminding you to breathe deeply, as taught to me in my Physical Therapist Assistant program.

Emotional Freedom Technique has saved my life, and my relationships. I knew I had to learn this technique in a way that could be shared with others!

Several art lessons are currently being created to assist you on your wellness journey.

Old City Hall Building in Marquette
De-Stress Session, private. 90 minutes, of combination of techniques, custom tailored to meet your needs on that day.

Clients feel less stress and tension after sessions. They also report feeling rested afterwards.

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