Bright Spirit Studio

Bright Spirit Studio
Bright Spirit Studio
Christie Michelsen
Art and shamanic guidance for awakening souls.

I am an artist and spiritual intuitive based in Marquette County. I create art that serves as a portal for the healing energy of archetype: spirit animals, angels, and other positive Light energies. As such I identify with the emerging Energist art movement. I can tune into your angels, spirit animals and guides and offer custom channeled art, in addition to traditional child and pet portraits in watercolor, charcoal and oil.

I also offer Spirit Animal readings, shamanic energy healing work, and coaching services.

“Christie is incredible in her intuitive connection…with you and understanding how everything unfolding is relating to you individually. She knows how to see exactly what is happening with you on many levels and able to simply guide you into what you are needing to embody right now. My time with her through personal readings has been illuminating and powerful in the care she provides with clear instruction on how to move forward with my life and business.”

– Daniel John Hanneman
CEO & Founder of Academy for Invincible Healers

“Christie was right on the money with my Spirit Animal Reading! The neatest thing is that she connected me with a specific species of animal, not just a generic “wolf” or “eagle.” And there was no way she could have known that I had an existing link to this species that reaches back 30 years. I feel as if I am now, much to my surprise, reconnecting with a spiritual ally that I had forgotten was out there for me, with many wonderful lessons to teach me. What a gift! Christie brings both a deep connection to animal spirits and a bright, joyful spirit of her own to her work. Get the word out: she’s the real deal.”

– Sally Stanton, PhD
Shamanic Practitioner/Owner, 12 Stones Healing

“I was amazed at how successful our appointment was. This sounds crude but I got a lot of bang for my buck. You are worth EVERY PENNY, believe me.
“So, gushing aside. No. more gushing: your high standard of professionalism and level of commitment and caring set an example for how I can behave and what I can offer to my clients. You were also really tuned in to “me.” The care was very personal. And you were encouraging and loving but also set an expectation of high performance from me in return; the same level of commitment to my own well-being and success in my business as you are demonstrating on my behalf.
“The nature of the work IS transformative and stuff starts to MOVE in your environment! So, hold on to your seats, people, you’re in for a ride. :-)”
– Lois Baker, Energy Healer, July 11, 2016

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Also available: illustration,  graphic design, professional business writing and ghost writing services

224 E. Michigan St.
Marquette, MI
Spiritual coaching and shamanic healing
Spirit Animal readings
Art & Spirituality Workshops

Some of the classes I’ve taught in the past and/or plan for the future include:

Beginning Watercolor

Beginning Drawing

The Sacred Art of Watercolor (Spiritual Principles Expressed Through The Act of Painting)

Meet Your Spirit Animals

Email me at if you are interested in workshops or private lessons.

Spiritual art

Visit my online gallery at

Ask me about my NEW Spirit Animal Oracle Cards and Crystal Grid Boards!

Graphic Design

Business cards, brochures, logos, etc. I accept on- or offline graphic design projects.
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